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Maddison - Autumn Adonia

Updated: May 20, 2020

The moment I walked into the bridal store, my eyes immediately gazed at the three Roz La Kelin dresses on the display mannequins. The lace, the sparkle, the beautiful train, they were gorgeous!”

After trying three dresses of various styles, I needed to try ‘Candle’ by Roz la Kelin Pearl, the moment it was on, I knew. I loved it!”

“My day finally came to wear it. It was beyond surreal...the beautiful trees, leaves slightly turning into the autumn season, the afternoon sun was shining through.”

“The whole day was just...perfect.”

Maddison, thank you so much for sharing your images and story with us. It’s always such an honor to see brides fall so in love with Roz’s designs and look so gorgeous wearing them! From the bottom of all of our hearts, we wish you and Troy the best.

With love & beauty,

The Roz La Kelin Team

Photography: All My Wednesdays


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