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Yvonne - Mexican Spanish Princess

Updated: May 21, 2020

"My dress was my favorite detail of my wedding - from the moment I tried it on, I just fell so in love with my 'Aries' wedding dress!" Thanks Lillian Mae Bridal

"...We really were able to have the perfect wedding, so much more AMAZING and SPECIAL then what Omar and I had envisioned... Our floral decor, was so pretty, decorated/styled by Malleret Designs. My bouquet was lush... it accentuated... the overall glistening of my dress..."

"Omar and I worked a second job for eight months prior to the wedding... the sacrifice was so worth it!" To have our "...delicious five tiered Strawberry Shortcake Fun-fetti wedding cake, with buttercream flowers... made by GingerSnaps... we had a Southern style fried chicken dinner and appetizers, catered by Lucy's Fried Chicken...a wedding hit!... guests went back for seconds... the food was so good."

"Everything about our wedding was perfect!... it really was such a glamorous, unforgettable day - so much more than we ever expected..."

"...When we were cutting the wedding cake [I was asked], 'is it Cinderella's birthday?' I felt so glamorous and magical - the Queen of the Ball"

Yvonne, Thank you for sharing your story and images with us. We're delighted that one of Roz's designs fulfilled the dream you had for your wedding gown and made your day so special. Our team wishes you and Omar the very best in your life together.

With love & beauty,

The Roz la Kelin Team

Florals/Styling: @malleretdesigns

Photography: @ticomendoza


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