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Size Charts

How to determine your Standard Size?

Ask someone to assist so you can stand with your feet at shoulder width apart, looking straight ahead.
Since clothes can sometimes distort your measurements, we suggest wearing only your underwear and if possible, the under garments you’ll wear on the big day. (e.g. bra for bust uplift and Spanx.) 
Feel free to use the ‘Body Points Measurement Chart’ below.

Step 1:


Lift your arms and wrap the measuring tape
around the fullest part of your bust (your nipple line).

When the measuring tape overlaps- the measurement at the join is what you should record.

Step 2:


Wrap the measuring tape around your natural
waist, which is approximately 2” above your belly
button. The junction of the tape is the 
measurement to reocrd.

Step 3:


Measure at the fullest part of your high hip 
around the top of your hip bones or approximately 4” below your natural waist.

Step 4:


Measure at the fullest part of your bottom and thighs which is approximately 9” below your natural waist.

Step 5:


Your measurements may not line up with one size, so choose a size to fit your largest measurement.

Glamour Plus Size Chart:

Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus Size Bridal Collection Size Chart

Body Point Measurement Guide:

Roz la Kelin Bridal Designer Wedding Dress Measurement Guide
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