Expertly Designed  to Enhance

        All  Body Types  from

           Sizes Two  to FourtyFour





Experience The Difference...

" In the bridal world there are so many beautiful gowns available for sizes zero to twelve.

So, I design my collections with the same luxe & free-spirited inspiration, only expertly constructed for every body type, no matter the shape or size."

- Roz la Kelin 

Diamond  is a Signature Collection of 
            Designs  that  Walk  into  my  Mind...
                         Asking  to be  Brought  to Life.
Glamour Plus is Dedicated to the
          Women who see their figures as
                  Poetic Statements of Self -Love.
The Pearl Collection
            Charms a Modest  Budget   &
                    Liberates the Hopeless Romantic.
Indie Glam Plus is aLove Letter
                         To  the Free-Spited
                                         Curve Goddesses. 
 Separates  For  the  Creative Brides
                With  a One-of-a-Kind Style
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