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Loaning of Sample Gowns

Request Form Below


Retailers may request gown samples to be shipped to them for a bride to try on in the case that the

requested style(s) are not available in-store. Through this service, retailers are able to request a maximum of 3 (three) gowns per time, dependent upon gown availability at the time of request.

*Samples from the Diamond, Pearl and Separates Collections are primarily a standard size 6 US / 10 AUS.*

*Samples from the Glamour Plus Collection are primarily a standard size 16 US / 20 AUS.*


To request samples, please complete the SAMPLE LOAN REQUEST FORM below and our representatives will

contact you with details of gown availability and your shipping options.


All such requests will be governed by the following terms:

  • Your account must be in good standing to participate in this service.

  • You have the option of requesting up to 3 gowns per time/shipment

  • The charge per dress is $25 + shipping and handling to your location and back to our Los Angeles warehouse.

  • You may keep the dress(s) for up to one week from the date you receive it, unless we have prior obligations.

  • This is a prepaid service. You will receive an invoice to your email and must use the 'Pay Now' only provision.

  • You have the option to use your own freight account for this service. 

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