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Buyer Awareness


Beware of Counterfeits

Authentic Roz la Kelin gowns are not available to purchase Online

and can only be purchased through an Authorized In-Store Retailer

Please be aware of who you are purchasing your Roz la Kelin gown from. Each week we are contacted by devastated brides who opted for the lower priced copy from a counterfeit online manufacturer, disguised as an authorized retailer, and are seeking an emergency replacement gown. The supposed savings by the tempting initial lower price are most times largely outweighed – spending more on a replacement at short notice than the price of the original gown.

Experience has proven that ‘You get what you pay for’ rings true. If it seems almost too good to be true – it is.

Roz la Kelin Quality Wedding Dresses- Counterfeit Awareness

Designers and most stores carry end of season inventory or Designer samples all of which are greatly reduced. If you are on a budget, consider letting the store stylist know or contact us directly with the style you’re interested in. Most times there is a sister gown from the previous collection that we’re willing to reduce to meet your budget and fulfill your wish list.

Shop carefully and avoid unnecessary heartache and disaster.

Search your region via our Where to Buy page.

If you have any difficulty in finding a store near you – Contact Us.

We are here to help!

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