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3 Ways Plus Size Grows Your Business

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Walks into your store... She has a group of family & friends with her.

You remember making this appointment over the phone and hearing the

genuine excitement in her voice. You said she could trust you with finding her perfect dress.


She is between a size 26 and 30. Can your store serve her?






Higher Closed-Sale Ratio


Speaking in business terms,  You can feel confident that your business is flourishing when you have a collection of dresses this bride can try on in her size. Here's why-


Full-figured brides know that a True Plus Size selection is a rare find. So once you slip her into a stunning dress that flatters her curves, she is much more likely to say "Yes" during her first appointment. Regular sized bridal stores have more competition and therefore have a lower closed-sale ratio.


When a full-figured bride is able to try dresses on in store, you have made her happy as well as her friends & family. They will gladly tell their entire social circles how comfortable you made her feel and being the unique store that had

a collection specially designed for her.


These positive reviews spread to the entire plus size community in your area and you soon become the leading store for brides of ANY size. 


Naturally, this is how your business will start to grow after you begin to carry

a True Plus Size collection!





What Makes a Bridal Line Truly Plus Size? 


Due to design complexity, there are only a handful of True Plus Size designers in the bridal industry. This is how you'll notice the difference:


- Strategically designed for the full-figured body types.

Example of Glamour Plus design strategy:

Constructed on a size 16 or larger bust form with careful consideration of 

their structural differences.


- Available to order in sizes 12 - 44 (US) with absolutely no up-charge.


- Design elements that make your curvy brides fall in LOVE with the way they look!

Examples of Glamour Plus design strategy:

-Upper arm details

 -Structured bodices & mid sections

-Option for a lace up back or zipper back both with upper back coverage

 -Raised back & neck lines

-Comfortable & breathable fabrics, etc.


-Glamour Plus designs are based on current bridal trends that are offered in regular sizes, only made more thoughtfully for the curvy bride. 



Choosing Your Curvy Couture Tool-Kit


- A store with a True Plus Size selection should have at least 10 samples ranging from size 18 to 28. This allows the majority of full-figured brides to have at least 2 or more dresses to try on in store. 


- Most Plus Size bridal designers go up to size 28 US. A few may reach size 34 US.

 *Only the Glamour Plus & Indie Glam Plus collections 

size up to 44 US.* 


- With more fabric, more structure and specialized design procedures, the average retail price range for a traditional True Plus Size gown is between $2,000 - $2,800 USD. 


- Budget-friendly True Plus Size dresses may have less built-in structure but still offer specialized construction and are designed on a side 16+ bust form. These styles range from an average retail price of $800 - $1,300


-When choosing your samples, be sure to select various silhouettes as many full-figured brides want to show off their beautiful curves with a sheath, fit & flare or trumpet shape while some may feel more comfortable in an A-line or ball gown.

Janique Set- Gown, Detachable Cape (6261


That our lovely Curve Goddesses are your biggest cheerleaders who are thrilled to show support to any business that shows support to them.


Join us in the Body Positivity Movement by inquiring about

becoming a Glamour Plus Retailer today!

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